Valsly 42 секунды назад
Dak is not worth the money. I watched Jared get all that money and what did he do in the next season. He was trash....but if Dak gets that money he better lead them straight to the Superbowl
gallowaybuck4 47 секунд назад
The way you felt about lebron decision before this video is the same way you should still feel, don't let them control the narrative on how wrong lebron is
Mr Anonymous1113
Mr Anonymous1113 Минуту назад
Cowboys in a no win situation, if they pay the man it's a Kirk Cousins situation. He gets paid but the Team no full well they not winning 💩
Shermane Callahan
Shermane Callahan 2 минуты назад
If l was a player l wouldn't want to be on Skip favorite player list ,he definitely will turn on you to fit his narrative... SMDH
LeeTravius Mckay
LeeTravius Mckay 2 минуты назад
Imagine not having an nfl MVP or super bowl but you and your agent want 35-40M
Jeffrey Neal
Jeffrey Neal 2 минуты назад
They are deflecting the topic like normal.. cowards
valentina morales
valentina morales 3 минуты назад
I live in inner city in San Francisco New York I can say the same thing am Puerto Rican I had never experienced racism.
LeeTravius Mckay
LeeTravius Mckay 4 минуты назад
Clarence looks like a darker version of SAS
ShotByBKD 4 минуты назад
Sharpe a fool
Warwick Davis
Warwick Davis 4 минуты назад
Shannon gonna cry racism once a white player ousts a black one
The NORTH 4 минуты назад
Everybody's lookin at Jr. Smith
LeeTravius Mckay
LeeTravius Mckay 5 минут назад
It pains me to hear somebody turning down 100M+ when it'll take years just to make even close to a quarter of that
Luke T
Luke T 5 минут назад
If offering someone enough money for ten lifetimes is exploiting weakness then sign me the F up!!
Easytokillme 5 минут назад
Wow I'm impressed Sharpe didn't claim the bubble was racist...
Hov 5 минут назад
6ix9ine back at it again
Sandiego Gamer
Sandiego Gamer 5 минут назад
Whom cares there gonna suck any way
Your Barber Mario
Your Barber Mario 6 минут назад
Skip is flip flopping
H B 6 минут назад
Dak is being offered below market value? Lol what?
Your Barber Mario
Your Barber Mario 6 минут назад
Dak will make 120 mil playing on tags over the next 3 seasons making him highest paid over the next 3 years so why ever play for less?
M1schi3f M4k3r
M1schi3f M4k3r 6 минут назад
Bunch of grown men making millions of dollars and cant follow the most basic set of rules. Sad.
MSUHitman 7 минут назад
Do the players have internet access in the bubble to download games/play online?
Patton243 7 минут назад
Everything to black people is racist. I would use other words to express what I think of them, buy YT will delete my comments.
Jerry B
Jerry B 7 минут назад
Sharpe acts like Jerry has never offered Dak a fair contract or as if Dak didn't shut down contract talks last year to bet on himself. Sorry for him but he ultimately fumbled that by finishing the season at 8-8 and it doesn't equate to him receiving $40mil a year or more.
matsujonen 7 минут назад
I wouldn't say it's racism I think it might be because of the injuries. But how would I know. I do know that when a minority qb gets cut or released they never get seem to get as much or even signed as often as qbs of other pigments
5 PT O Fox
5 PT O Fox 8 минут назад
Let him walk...
Chicken Nugget
Chicken Nugget 9 минут назад
Justice for Juicy Smoulier. I love how no one is questioning the whole Convid “lockdown” narrative anymore.... If we are literally locking down the world’s economy and society due to Convid; but what about the other serious ailments and health issues we suffer yearly e.g. countless diseases (e.g. Malaria), millions of cancer and cardiovascular deaths , alcohol and drugs addictions deaths, suicides, family breakdowns, depression, poverty, unemployment etc.... that kills more yearly than Convid... *hands down* *But, forget that, Convid is much worst... yeah right* Let’s shut everything down, again and again
I BOW TO YOU, LORD RAMA! 9 минут назад
How do you HAGGLE OVER 3-5 Million dollars??? 100 Million guaranteed, that's an insane ROI!
Henry Hill
Henry Hill 9 минут назад
Dak is a idiot so is hos agent. Turn down 100 million to play Russian roulette is absolutely insane for few more dollars Comes down to it. Dak looks like be his last year in Dallas.
Potato Chips
Potato Chips 10 минут назад
This story sounds like the pawn stars show, trying to lowball 💀
flash12319 10 минут назад
dak is not that good....he swear hes Pat mahomes, or a Russell Wilson lvl...he deserves 29m at MOST
Bliss, a sensitive man
Bliss, a sensitive man 10 минут назад
The bubble is going to get “penetrated”
ALEX 10 минут назад
They forreal talking about this again? Lol
Zone6 tyree
Zone6 tyree 10 минут назад
Stephon b smith the fourth lmaooo
Drew Miller
Drew Miller 10 минут назад
Romo is a better qb than dak. Romo didn’t have a great o line till end of career, didn’t have a top d till end of career although early in career they were good. He was always running for his life. Everyone says dak has 40 wins in his first four seasons if you combine all games to equal four seasons for Romo his first four seasons he had 44 wins. Deck is good but without a running game he has shown he is not the same quarterback that he is when he has one. Romo did it with no running game and still won games
IssaRyan 11 минут назад
What happens to bubbles . They pop
valentina morales
valentina morales 11 минут назад
Lit way shut it down at the end he said a white officer saved him. The other gentle man keep saying there still racist I see lit way looking at him like why u say that your an athlet e working with white people in front of ESPN and he successful I'm not saying that he hasn't been disrespected and that people get stupid and people are prejudice bigot What do we want to call it He still did it though right He's working it ESPN? I'm just saying
Anthony Mann Mann
Anthony Mann Mann 11 минут назад
Jerry paid everybody else nobody complaining about them what's really going on
jimbosjams21 11 минут назад
It hurts my soul to hear that someone turns down 100 million dollars when I'm struggling to make 500 bucks a week.
jimbosjams21 Минуту назад
@Daron Smith since when is Dak a brand? Only cowgirl fans know who he is.
signas82 2 минуты назад
That's a crab in a bucket mentality. He's trying to elevate himself, don't argue on the side of billionaires.
jimbosjams21 3 минуты назад
@Naruto Uzumaki I am at his level. I'm at home with zero Superbowl rings.
Daron Smith
Daron Smith 5 минут назад
Stop with the bs ... your not a brand and no one is paying u millions of dollars to stock shelves , flip burgers 🍔 or deliver amazon prime packages 📦
Naruto Uzumaki
Naruto Uzumaki 8 минут назад
Its not about you. You are not a physically fit athlete capable of doing what they can. Unless you get to their level then shutup.
quin Daniels
quin Daniels 12 минут назад
Samson Hman
Samson Hman 12 минут назад
This is one of my biggest worries about the bubble
kenney0313 13 минут назад
This is easy. 4yr/$140mil guaranteed gets it done and gets that 5th yr team option for $42.5mil($22.5mil guaranteed the moment they exercise the option, a $5mil roster bonus due at the start of the league year of that option year, leaving $15mil in base salary for year 5, which is guaranteed of he's on the game day roster week 1 of that 5th year. At that point and price he's easily tradeable if you go a different direction and, because of the now-signed franchise tag, he ends up with a 6yr deal instead of 4which he wants or 5 which Dallas wants. He can negotiate a NO FRANCHISE clause for several million or a year added to the deal. This is as near bulletproof as it gets because he gets $35mil guaranteed for 4yrs, so he's getting his request, Dallas gets to remain relevant for 5yrs because they have all 5 offensive stars locked up at for least 3years of guarantees plus they can execute a 5th year option immediately after year 2 of the new deal or immediately if both sides agree. This doesn't affect his money or his 4yr deal because Dallas will execute that option if Dak's play is good or better, and Dak gets to leave work randomly with a $22.5mil check mid-contract. Of course winning a championship consumes year 5 into immediately payout and opens negotiations at ANY point in the contact! I can get it done!! For that matter, Dak should include language that let's him outperform the 5th yr of his contract by earning the remainder after activation as bonuses f for performance.
sbshrav 13 минут назад
They take my kindness for weakness still comin out strong 💪🏽
PJMitchell 14 минут назад
Thomas Coursey
Thomas Coursey 14 минут назад
Everybody just waiting for skips reaction no one cares lol
D. J.
D. J. 15 минут назад
“Progwess” at the beginning 😂
M R 15 минут назад
So sad you got to tell grown man as old in their late 30’s to obey rules for everyone’s safety. Why even come?
Ron Smith
Ron Smith 16 минут назад
Ohh my goodness ✊ kobe 81 was beyond CRAZY rip blackmamba
Sleepy Dog
Sleepy Dog 16 минут назад
Too bad in the 70,s a Native American was the artist to draw the logo. And he didn’t seem to have a issue with it. If he didn’t then why now?. Wokians have struck again !!
J Mo
J Mo 16 минут назад
Na... they just didnt mistake him for an elite QB. They have to have money to surround him with superstar talent. If not, he'll be exposed again
Brandon Espinoza
Brandon Espinoza 10 минут назад
J Mo exposed what?
2 0
2 0 17 минут назад
They wouldnt have to follow the rules if they stayed home, dont get mad when u get snitched on the nba aint the streets.
Brushing 4GREATNESS 17 минут назад
CV is a HOAX! Wearing a Mask is a Scam for the BRAINWASHED ZOMBIES! Empty Hospitals ALL OVER this PLANE. This is nothing more than additional Brainwashing and agenda pushing propaganda. TURN OFF THE PROGRAMMING
Pete Pan
Pete Pan 17 минут назад
I can't wait for the 1st..."I apologize to my teammates and the league for not following the rules and catching COVID...and being disqualified from the playoffs...I know I cost my team..." speech....
Jamie Taylor
Jamie Taylor 17 минут назад
This dude look like Stephen A if he zigged when he should've zagged
Red King
Red King 18 минут назад
Lebron going 13-15-13 C- Steve Nash MVP season he averaged 17 ppg
Eddy Bernard
Eddy Bernard 18 минут назад
I hope this episode doesn't ruin the show.. I thought there was no way these guys don't work together until they can't no more. But the content and optics of this episode was the one thing I didn't know would give me doubts about undisputed
watz09 18 минут назад
Sharpe : Coach first of all He aint no starter 😂😂😂😂
Caleb Jefferson
Caleb Jefferson 18 минут назад
Lubbock has a very large African American population and Hispanic population. I hope this was not in Lubbock tx.
2 0
2 0 19 минут назад
CP3 = NBA police
Jacob Israel
Jacob Israel 19 минут назад
What good is a vaccine if antibodies only remain in those previously infected for 3 months or less...🤔
Stebbie J
Stebbie J 19 минут назад
Stop giving them bulshit then
Stebbie J
Stebbie J 20 минут назад
Just call this the lebron tournament.
Paul Cap
Paul Cap 20 минут назад
Lebron can snitch kawhi, giannis, luka, jokic take them out of the bubble to easily win the championship. Lebron is so happy to have that hotline.
bill cur
bill cur 21 минуту назад
Stqp 1. Separate ppl from each other. Step 2 separate families in fema camps. Step 3 behead them under noahide law aka rev 11:18
CJ Marincus
CJ Marincus 21 минуту назад
It's not just your team or even the whole's the entire country or even the world that wants to watch basketball again!
Peter Biamomte
Peter Biamomte 22 минуты назад
Only way a deal gets done today is if one side makes a major concession and its pretty obvious neither side is willing to make a major concession or the deal would already be done. I think its a mistake for both sides to not get this done and especially the Cowboys because Dak playing on the tag means they either end up paying him huge $ or he ends up walking away and neither of those are good for the Cowboys. For Dak there isn't much down side unless he either gets severely injured or plays horribly this year. Security is the upside for him to sign now. They have been at this for a year and will be for at least another year. Dak could have taken the deal last year and invested that $60 mil upfront money and the salary from last year and that would probably end up making him more money then what they are squabbling about now. And the biggest down side to him playing on the tag is we will have to hear about this everyday for another season/off season. If they actually do play this year every time he throws a pick or a TD or has a great game or a bad game we will have to endure the never ending debate about what this means for his contract negotiations. Cowboys, good QB's today get mid 30 millions/yr and 100+ mil upfront, pay him!! Dak, you ain't top 5 so take the 35/yr and 100 upfront!! Why is this so hard??? Jesus!!!
Cesar Hernandez
Cesar Hernandez 22 минуты назад
And they said this wouldn't be a distraction lmao
Sir DropShOt
Sir DropShOt 22 минуты назад
Cowboy fans are the worst fans in all of sport's. Everyone blamed Garret , Garret's gone now everyone blames Dak. Noone blaming Zeke , Amari , D Law , etc... Nope Daks fault. The team lost , not only Dak. We lost mostly due to defense last year.
Renwick Page
Renwick Page 22 минуты назад
Tom is SOFT!!! All you have to do is lay hands on tom or put him in the dirt and he will GIFT WRAP 🎁 the ball to the opposition ( see the 2 ny giants Superbowl wins )
Anthony Mann Mann
Anthony Mann Mann 22 минуты назад
Being able just do want cut it this is the cowboys the attention along the cowboys generate will hurt Dalton everybody gets up for the cowboys
Miguel Miranda
Miguel Miranda 23 минуты назад
He was addicted to pain pills
Lex Luthor
Lex Luthor 23 минуты назад
So the tag is 31.6, and you offer me "34-35" for a multiple years contract? On the last year before free agency?
FDSeoul 24 минуты назад
Both of these clowns make a living selling this NFL of course they are going to speak in favor of the sport. How stupid are people??? LOL
Matthew Matthew
Matthew Matthew 25 минут назад
I knew they had to tall about this contract again today had it everyday multiple times a dayfor the past 4 months
Chatsworth Osborne, Jr.
Chatsworth Osborne, Jr. 25 минут назад
This is Daks’ last year as a Cowboy 🤠
Yahari Butler
Yahari Butler 26 минут назад
"Don't F with me," Unc!!!
Rampo'o Rampo'o
Rampo'o Rampo'o 26 минут назад
Wow this gone too far
chris george
chris george 26 минут назад
UFC fighters ain’t breaking rules in the first week. SMH.
Shane Thomas
Shane Thomas 26 минут назад
That's exactly what it is!... TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION
bret favre
bret favre 26 минут назад
Goff made it to a Superbowl... Wentz WON a Superbowl...
Jonathan Duran
Jonathan Duran 7 минут назад
Wentz didn’t win any Super Bowl or a play off game period !!!! NICK FOLES is that guy lol
Melodiee Howard
Melodiee Howard 27 минут назад
All that matters to him is MONEY AND HIS FAMILY. So watch out fans. He don’t care about you too.
Renwick Page
Renwick Page 27 минут назад
ALL. ALL !!!!!! of Tom's championships wins came via SOME sort of either bad calls or straight cheating...PERIOD!!
Him 27 минут назад
U know CP3 a snitch
Josh Cameron
Josh Cameron 27 минут назад
I don’t get why we don’t call them “sanitization stations” yet instead of naming the brand or whatever
B Bev
B Bev 28 минут назад
Shouldn't be playing basketball. The fight for social justice will be lost again. We're also in the middle of a pandemic.
L. Torrence
L. Torrence 28 минут назад
You see how Lebron was looking at Skip?! Bron like say something else. Watch me come down off this mural.😂😂😂
JDub Tha Menace
JDub Tha Menace 28 минут назад
"I need 2 scoops!" -Skip Bayless
Jefe Muga
Jefe Muga 28 минут назад
Skip look
Chatsworth Osborne, Jr.
Chatsworth Osborne, Jr. 23 минуты назад
Skip now look I’m worth more than the K-Mart Blue Light 💡 Special
MikeDaOnly23 29 минут назад
Bron and CP3 teaming up to snitch on everyone like they’re Goku and Vegeta
ArchAngelofLife 29 минут назад
Free Hong Kong
Armondo Ortiz
Armondo Ortiz 29 минут назад
22 minute segment on this garbage.
Avengers: The Investing Initiative
Avengers: The Investing Initiative 29 минут назад
Lmao. The same thing is happening in the real world. People would rather rebel and live in a Corona world like this forever than to suck it up, take the tough living for like a month straight of world wide isolation and then having it be over and done with. "You can't reach stupid when it's already there"- Avengers: The investing initiative
Leon Johnson
Leon Johnson 30 минут назад
Skip is fanish in his heart he know Wentz is Better than Dak that's why he don't think Dak is worth that 💰
Jordan Davis
Jordan Davis 30 минут назад
Why all the Kings getting coronavirus? They must've been going out they know they aren't winning anything😂😂😂
Princella Smith
Princella Smith 2 минуты назад
You know they did!
TDC101 18 минут назад
Jordan Davis Hey! Watch it. Lol!! Why you say that? I have been a King’s fan since they moved to Sacramento in 1985. We have to have some kind of hope.
Frank Stange
Frank Stange 30 минут назад
The virus is no joke so they need to stop doing this stuff
Jake Degen
Jake Degen 31 минуту назад
need a new topic and i love the cowboys.....hes not worth what he wants
Yams 31 минуту назад
Send them home with no pay. They complain about the food and hotel and break the rules.
P H 31 минуту назад
Skip and Shannon not 6 feet apart
Diana Diaz
Diana Diaz 31 минуту назад
mike perry vs leon edwards should be next for ufc
GeminiMind 32 минуты назад
LeFlopper is scurred. Him needs a chip.