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Carl Rassi
Carl Rassi Час назад
Petition to have pat head up the ratings group for all kickers and punters next year. It'd be awesome to have big name retired players being part of the committee that gives ratings for their position.
Flick MyBic
Flick MyBic Час назад
Damn near every other sports talk show is unlistenable these days.. thanks for doing what you do McAfee.
Hitman Час назад
wildcard card wins aren't considered playoff wins in real football. So Dallas fans can stfu
Nate Gittings
Nate Gittings Час назад
Maybe he’ll join the coaches union and he’ll be in Madden
b b
b b Час назад
LionsTigersBearsOhMy Animals
LionsTigersBearsOhMy Animals Час назад
Looks like an old Forrest Gump on that bench with the shoes.
Jeremy Gaitan
Jeremy Gaitan Час назад
Dak has a playoff win you damn dirty ape!
UOENO Час назад
Bill “C Gap” Belichick
Splash LinkZz
Splash LinkZz Час назад
Shrihith Talapaneni
Shrihith Talapaneni Час назад
I AM NOT SAYING THAT DALTON IS BETTER THAN PRESCOTT, BUT I think Andy Dalton could have gotten 7 or 8 wins with the Cowboys last year.
Antonio Caballero
Antonio Caballero Час назад
Double the comments than minutes this has been up lol
SwagDuck Час назад
Get Bengals Still Don't Have An Indoor Practice Facility, there is a clip for you to add
Rascl Fru
Rascl Fru Час назад
Henry only 10 million. Titans that is disrespect
Dante Burns
Dante Burns Час назад
Pat to the C gap confirmed.
Ricardo Masvidal
Ricardo Masvidal Час назад
Dak only shines against the below 500 teams
Richie Black
Richie Black Час назад
Now I'm no longer a Jersey Mikes guy
Alex S.
Alex S. Час назад
Dak would've been nothing without the cowboys, let him walk and he'll regret it
John Shine
John Shine Час назад
D.C. Corrupts
Krish Patel
Krish Patel Час назад
Pats going to the Super bowl???
Richie Black
Richie Black Час назад
You know it
Kevin Thomes
Kevin Thomes Час назад
It is cheaper for the Cowboys to franchise Dak for the next 2 years than sign him. They can sign him next season and it will save them money on the salary cap. 31M + 37M averages 34M over 2 years. Which is were the Cowboys want to be. Plus they get more flexibility.
Cody Leech
Cody Leech Час назад
Are we just gonna look over the fact that Connor spelled "closest" as "closet"
Joshua Choate
Joshua Choate Час назад
He looks like Forrest Gump sitting on that bench.
Shane Mapili
Shane Mapili Час назад
Never been this early
Adan Mendoza
Adan Mendoza Час назад
Alright we get it.. Dak has won ONE playoff game! Still sad..
itts Trippy
itts Trippy Час назад
Pat is a Legend!
I am Arbiter
I am Arbiter Час назад
Dak sucks and hes demanding money like he just won the super bowl. He better humble himself
Terry Jordan
Terry Jordan Час назад
Tell MIT to start playing his career on the PTI twitch with zit and foxy
Th3 Kool Aid Man
Th3 Kool Aid Man Час назад
CC Час назад
Connor Westhoven
Connor Westhoven Час назад
Bosco sticks when I was in elementary school those bitches where like 2 feet long back then
Jake Habib
Jake Habib Час назад
Nobody likes madden. It’s a giant scam. Don’t buy it this year till it’s fixed pls
Matt Kiebach
Matt Kiebach Час назад
2k needs to come back to the NFL ea has ruined this game for years
Terry Jordan
Terry Jordan Час назад
Make all the boys do a competition and the winner has mullet mit read their ad read.
Joseph Anthony
Joseph Anthony Час назад
Dak is 1-1 in the playoffs
Jeremy Gaitan
Jeremy Gaitan Час назад
1-2 L vs. PACKERS W vs. SEATTLE L vs. RAMS
Blackthorn 461
Blackthorn 461 Час назад
Niners 585
Niners 585 Час назад
The guy spits maybe idk-few hundred facts per show. Gets lit up for getting 1 wrong i love it.
Victor Conrad
Victor Conrad Час назад
my knee hurts bro
Jordan Mark
Jordan Mark Час назад
Is anyone surprised 🤔
Josh Constantine
Josh Constantine Час назад
K Час назад
Nobody on Earth would rather have Matt Ryan than DeShaun Watson. Nobody with eyes anyway.
Leonard Heffelfinger
Leonard Heffelfinger Час назад
Washington soyboys
Frankie Venzor
Frankie Venzor Час назад
Dak beat the seahawks I. The playoffs
umop apIsdn
umop apIsdn Час назад
Nobody cares
Derron Everest
Derron Everest Час назад
yeah i was sad when he beat my Hawks
Zeakninja Час назад
DAK Beat the Sea Hawks 🤷🏾‍♂️
PseudoPsychoSports Час назад
Those square fudge brownies with the little circular candies.
Giovanny Ramos
Giovanny Ramos Час назад
He won’t against the Seahawks wym pat?
Hazel Cooksley
Hazel Cooksley Час назад
You find it funny child trafficking?! Only in a America!
Christopher Otter
Christopher Otter Час назад
@The Pat McAfee Show you were dared to go in the canal.
true countryside
true countryside Час назад
In my opinion if Dak Prescott plays on the franchise tag.... And then next off season signs a 4 year deal it's still 5 years hes playing under contract so it makes no sense for him not to sign a 5 year deal right now
FeBel Час назад
Because if he were to sign 5 years now. The cowboys can, if they wanted to, use another franchise tag on him making it 6 years with the Cowbys. Dak wants a shorter deal to get more money in less time with Cowboys
Damon Nance
Damon Nance Час назад
Dak is not an elite QB until he can consistently beat playoff teams. Dak Prescott and the Cowboys were 1-6 against playoff teams and 7-2 against non-playoff teams. Dak threw for an even 8 TD-8 Int in their games against playoff teams, and 22 TD-3 Int against non-playoff teams.
Hunting _spotlight
Hunting _spotlight Час назад
Still hasnt won a playoff game 🤣🤣🤣🤣
bballer32az Час назад
Dak wants millions and MILLIONS
Max Gray
Max Gray Час назад
andy dalton is better anyways
Darth Stoner
Darth Stoner Час назад
Dak and elite dont belong in the same sentence.
David White
David White Час назад
unless the sentence is dak isn't elite
brandon hutton
brandon hutton Час назад
His stats say otherwise
Anthony Maio
Anthony Maio Час назад
Im early so Pat if you see this, keep being yourself the ppl love u
Charles Dimino Jr
Charles Dimino Jr Час назад
Dak won a playoff game in 2018 against the Seahawks man
Hitman Час назад
dude, many people doesnt consider wild card games as playoffs.
GoGrindFootball Час назад
Why don’t they put like a filter in the mouthpiece?
TotesEthan Час назад
Rudy Montanez
Rudy Montanez Час назад
until pat said 'the old whites' i thought he was one
Götterdämmerung -
Götterdämmerung - Час назад
...awful idea. I hate face shields.
Paul Tussac
Paul Tussac Час назад
Don’t let this distract you! The bengals still don’t have an indoor stadium
Owen Wine
Owen Wine Час назад
Does he have a TV show
MARKS REVIEWS 2.0 Час назад
Dak has won a playoff game.....Seattle...foh lol
garrett warden
garrett warden Час назад
would you be willing to sell your golf simulator?
Nicholas Ward
Nicholas Ward Час назад
How much was that Waterboy jersey?
Lightning McQueen
Lightning McQueen Час назад
I can't even give this stupidity enough time to listen to.. Nothing to do with you Pat, just the very moment I stumbled over the title of this video I realized just how absolutely hopeless we have become.. We have reached, even embraced a level of stupid It will take generations to reverse.. I'm almost interested just enough to hear just how absurd We have become where this idea even gained remotely serious attention.. A full face shield to protect players from COVID IN A FULL CONTACT SPORT no less, A sport where athletes are running full Sprint then stop, full sprint, stop, I'd imagine that Mike even make Iron man breathe hard.. linemen in the trenches grouping one another for several hours..I can obviously go on and on.. Even if the response is Well Do it to apease people so we can play ..No.. I can't even get behind that..
Brandon Bell
Brandon Bell Час назад
Dak has won a playoff game vs the Seahawks
Kevin Thomes
Kevin Thomes Час назад
@brandon hutton Romo's first 4 years starting were better than Dak's first 4 years except for games played.
crazyken productions
crazyken productions Час назад
When the Seahawks were in a rebuilding year.
Brandon Bell
Brandon Bell Час назад
brandon hutton I think dak is very very underrated I think Jerry is just tryna test out this mix between the new coach and dak
Dr. Mcnuggets Md
Dr. Mcnuggets Md Час назад
Pete Carroll gave him that one by not letting Russell throw the dam ball.
brandon hutton
brandon hutton Час назад
He has been better than Romo yet he never sniffed the franchise tag or free agency. Jerry's actions speak volumes about Dak and how Jerry sees him.
Jared Rhodes
Jared Rhodes Час назад
Pat, I love ya, but you're an idiot sometimes.
WhiteWolf Час назад
Just a prototype for now, but also this isn’t going to be forever lol. Hopefully just for one season. If this is what all the players will have to wear, then it’ll just be a sucky ass season. Whenever a vaccine is made, get your ass vaccinated then, boom, no more visor/mask.
TimberDuck87 Час назад
He could be ONE OF the best but it's unlikely the best in the world. Still doesn't mean we don't want him to succeed, we just don't want another overhyped player. He is doing well working his way into the starting 11, let's see how he progresses.
David Nuttall
David Nuttall Час назад
i am a dallas cowboys fan and idk if i should be pissed or happy
Caden Smith
Caden Smith Час назад
8ball america
8ball america Час назад
Dc natives???
A S Lauder
A S Lauder Час назад
Yes pat love from the uk
Andre Billups
Andre Billups Час назад
Woah I'm early
Surreal Feeds
Surreal Feeds Час назад
Madden is the only NFL game out football fans don't have a choice. MODERN DAY MONOPOLY MR MCAFEE.
Jason McGrath
Jason McGrath Час назад
It's truly pathetic that millionaires get offended by madden ratings. Says slot about how soft everything in America has become including the Washington Nobodys. Thank buddha for korean baseball, smfh
Krish Sule
Krish Sule Час назад
I’m pretty sure you need at least some body fat in you to be healthy
Isaiah Torres
Isaiah Torres Час назад
Yo I work for Oakley, don’t plan on them making good choices... trust
Jarod Showalter
Jarod Showalter Час назад
better have 10 o lineman ready to play for subs
Paul Carr
Paul Carr Час назад
People pretending like Clowney cares about winning lol. He wants the most money for the least amount of work. And if teams want to pay for that, more power to him. Nice work if you can get it.
Mike Strickland
Mike Strickland Час назад
This rivals Mad Mel very closely. Can we get some really expensive cabinets allegedly shirts on PMI shop?
Bloody Money Beats
Bloody Money Beats Час назад
Madden 20 was the first one I haven't bought. Same old crap every year.
crunk bunk
crunk bunk Час назад
I legit thought the dude pat was talking to in this video was riff raff when I saw thumbnail before watching lol
8ball america
8ball america Час назад
Waaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh the name hurt me!!....
william Devries
william Devries Час назад
"No one cared who I was until I put on the mask"
Honk the honk
Honk the honk Час назад
Oh, look. He gets a free pass because - surprise, surprise - he's not white. Bigotry seems strongest in those bemoaning it the most.
redflashpontiac Час назад
Pills that are hard to swallow...Madden reveals the truth that Aaron Rogers actually is a B quarterback.
therealdudeski Час назад
I mean I get the frustration but to be fair they gotta rate hundreds of players and free agents. Getting a punter's tackling rating correct isn't exactly a priority. Plus putting special teams guys with high stats is probably begging for exploitation of trick plays
JxC Час назад
It’s really sad that any players put any sort of stick in madden ratings
Antonio Caballero
Antonio Caballero Час назад
JJ watt has also never played football games outside in texas lol
420SAVAGE Час назад
Madden is trash. I play Madden 96 on genesis over the new polished turd called Madden
S S Час назад
Waiting for some flake to try and cancel Pat for his AA lion compared to full on African lion joke. I’m black and I found that funny af
Under God
Under God Час назад
Considering most players aren't 75+ and live in nursing homes, I think the players will be fine without, like the rest of the world
Ricky Jones
Ricky Jones Час назад
Press the right arrow on your Xfinity remote. Not quite PIP but you can watch TV and go through the guide at the same time. From your neighborhood Comcast Rep.
Justin Case
Justin Case Час назад
11:47 AFL
Zach Martinez
Zach Martinez Час назад
Please. Tom brady over 🐎🐔🔒? Ridiculous.
Jay White II This Just In
Jay White II This Just In Час назад
For The Brand
Travis Maldonado
Travis Maldonado Час назад
Fear is irrational.
Free Mar
Free Mar Час назад
Prob a drain plug on the 8wheeler
Frank Glizzy
Frank Glizzy Час назад
I used to like this show. Too much of Brad and Chad not enough McAfee.
Wayne McFarlane
Wayne McFarlane Час назад
With the Washington NFL team changing it's name, maybe other NFL teams should change their names. Here are a few suggestions: The L.A. Rams then the St. Louis Rams then back to L.A Rams should change their name to the L.A Boomerangs. The Oakland Raiders then became the L.A Raiders and then went back to being the Oakland Raiders and are now the Las Vegas Raiders should be named Lewis and Clark are Lost. The can't win Buffalo Bills should change their name to the Maple Leafs.
Big White Duck
Big White Duck Час назад
Time zone is real